Eye Diseases

Some of the ophthalmic procedures include:


  • Cataract Surgery: This is a day care surgery and requires a few hours of stay in the hospital.
  • Glaucoma Surgery: Glaucoma is a group of diseases affecting the optic nerve that results in vision loss and is frequently characterized by raised intraocular pressure (IOP). There are many types of glaucoma surgery, and variations or combinations of those types, that facilitate the escape of excess aqueous humor from the eye to lower intraocular pressure, and a few that lower IOP by decreasing the production of aqueous humor.
  • LASIK: It is a corneal laser surgery for vision correction.
  • Laser Treatment: Laser treatment is used to treat disorders of the retina. It is a high-energy beam that is focused on the affected area. It selectively treats the desired area without affecting the surrounding tissues. It is done for diabetic retinopathy, retinal veil occlusions, retinal tears and holes.
  • Intraocular Injections: To deliver a high dose of medicine into the eye for the treatment of retinal diseases to treat swelling, diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration, retinal veil occlusions, macular edema, uveitis, and retinitis.
  • Oculoplasty is the medical and surgical management of deformities and abnormalities of the eyelids. It is also known as Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
  • Vitrectomy is used to remove the vitreous humor – a substance that fills the space between the lens and the retina – from the eye.

The average cost for the above procedures may range from US $ 1000 to 2500. Actual cost will depend upon individual's medical conditions and procedure. For more details contact us

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