What is e-consultation?
e-Consultation is the service provided by New Hope Medical Tours LLP where the patient or his attendant located in any part of the world can consult the specialist doctor through e-mail, telephone or video conferencing about his medical condition. This is an affordable way to get the second opinion before taking any medical decision.


Are e-Consultation services available round the clock?
The geographic time difference, doctor's schedule and availability of you determine the time of conversation with the doctor through telephone and video conferencing. We expedite the appointment. E-mails are answered within 24 hours.


How will I know about the doctor?
We will send you the complete bio data of your treating doctor before your arrival and also arrange the telephonic sessions to discuss anything you wish to.


What services are included in my medical estimate?
Our medical package includes hospital fees, doctor's charges, diagnostic tests as recommended, estimated meal and accommodation charges, nursing charges and follow-up consultation after your medical treatment is complete. Each quote will accompany specific terms and conditions. We will provide separate quotes for flight, transfers and accommodation. Kindly note that medical quotes are applicable for 30 days and may revise in case of delays or any other unforeseen circumstances.


What kinds of hospitals are chosen for medical treatments?
All our panel hospitals are accredited by international agency like JCI and Indian agency like NABH. In JCI, there are 565 standards divided into 197 core standards that must be met to achieve accreditation and 368 other standards that lead organizations to best practice levels. These standards are further divided into 1,033 measurable parameters, which focus on aspects, such as patients' safety, quality standards, medical technology, facilities, physicians' credentials, etc. Such accreditations ensure world class state of the art facilities.


How will I contact you after arrival at the destination?
Once you arrive, your New Hope Care Manager will receive you and take you to the hotel. He will also brief your itinerary details and will help you in getting appointments, hospitalization and discharge. Apart from him, you can always contact us at our 24 hours helpline for any help.


Tell me something about Indian visa?
Patients who seek medical treatment in India should apply for medical visa at their nearest Indian mission. New Hope Medical Tours will help in getting this visa by facilitating the documents from the treating hospital.


Do I end up paying more if I avail the services of New Hope Medical Tours LLP?
No. In fact you save a lot because we negotiate hard on your behalf with the service providers and get the best rates for you.


For any other questions kindly contact us.


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