Step by step guide

  • You contact us with the summary of the medical condition, history, desired treatment and your preliminary questions.
  • Our Care Manager will contact you with the answers of your preliminary questions and will help you to understand the further process.
  • Your medical condition will be evaluated by the doctor and you will be asked to provide the medical documents for further comprehensive evaluation.
  • You will be provided e-consultations through e-mails/telephones/video conferencing and a treatment plan will be recommended to you. At this stage all your queries will be resolved to your satisfaction.
  • Once you decide to go ahead with the recommended medical treatment plan, our Care Manger will provide you various options about you and your attendant(s) hotel stay and tour plan. Based on your advice, we will send you customized quote.
  • Our Care Manager will help you in your travel itinerary and arrangements including Visa documentations.
  •  Upon arrival, our Care Manager will receive you and will take you to your hotel. He will also guide you about your same/next day appointments.
  •  Our Care Manager will arrange your doctor’s consultation for further investigations/procedures. He will also arrange your admission to the hospital. He will take care of all your personal needs.
  • Your family in your country will be provided regular updates about your medical progress.
  • After discharge from the hospital, our Care Manager will help you in any further medical follow ups.
  • Our Care Manger will facilitate holiday tours if you have opted any.
  • After successful medical treatment and rejuvenation you go back to your home with all the good experience, memories and a big smile which is our real reward.        
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